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The Old Woman in the Woods

An old Kukum lived alone in a small cabin the woods. Her children had grown up and had their own homes, but she was content to live in her home by herself.

One night as she sat by her fire, listening to the wind whistling and the trees shaking, she had a sudden bad feeling that someone (or something) was coming to her cabin. She said to herself, “Ah bah! There is nothing to worry about.”

Finally, she grew tired and she went to her bed around midnight. As she lay in bed, she thought she heard the sound of loud footsteps and heavy breathing approaching her cabin. She listened closely and it sounded like the footsteps and breathing were slowly circling her cabin.

Scared, she lay there under her blanket and soon heard banging on the sides of the cabin. The door of the cabin was jiggled and pulled on, as if someone was trying to open it. The person outside continued to circle the cabin. Three or four times doing the same thing – knocking on the walls and trying to open the door.

The old woman, terribly frightened, grabbed her small axe that she used to split wood into kindling by her fireplace. She waited by her window and opened it. The next time that the intruder circled the cabin, she reached out and hit them on the head and knocked them down.

She looked out the window. Instead of a man, she saw a creature that had a man’s body but the fierce head of a wolf. Terrified, she saw the creature struggle for a while; then it staggered up and ran off into the woods. She did not sleep for the rest of the night, but brewed some tea and sat clutching her axe in terror.

The next morning the old woman went outside and saw blood on the ground where the creature had fallen.

That day she packed her belongings and she left her cabin. She walked to her son’s home a few miles away. She told him what happened, and she refused to return to her home.

She lived for another few years, but all the while that she stayed with her son she was troubled by the narrow escape she had at the hands of a rougarou.

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