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Spying on Metis Communities (1885)

Prior to the battles of the 1885 resistance, the RCMP circulated a report that discussed the conditions of the Metis in the northwest of Canada. This report listed 34 communities that had considerable Metis populations that were being monitored by the RCMP to gauge if there were to be any disturbances, or if these communities were supportive of the growing ire among the half-breeds in the region.

These communities included:​

  • Prince Albert, SK

  • Duck Lake, SK

  • St. Laurent, SK

  • Batoche, SK

  • Qu'Appelle Valley, SK

  • Battleford, SK

  • South Branch, SK

  • Wood Mountain, SK

  • Willow Bunch, SK

  • Moose Mountain, SK

  • Buffalo Lake, AB

  • Long Lake, AB

  • Sweet Grass Settlement, Montana

  • Milk River, AB

  • Graburn’s Butte, AB

  • White Mud, SK

  • Frenchmens Creek, Montana

  • Kootenay, BC

  • Green Lake, SK

  • Isle la Crosse. SK

  • Beaver Lake, AB

  • Lac La Biche, AB

  • Onion Lake, SK

  • Swift Current, SK

  • Sturgeon Lake, AB

  • Jackfish Lake, SK

  • Cypress Hills, AB/SK

  • Maple Creek, SK

  • Medicine Hat, AB

  • Montreal Lake, SK

  • Fort a la Corne, SK

  • Birch Hills, SK

  • Carlton, ​ SK

A map showing these locations is provided below:

Click Map to Enlarge


SOURCE: Report of the Commissioner of the North-west Mounted Police Force North-west Mounted Police Force (Canada), Printed by Order of Parliament, 1885, McMillan, Rogers, and Wellington, Ottawa.

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