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A Very Michif Christmas

Christmas is a time for traditions and being with family. It is a special time when we express our culture and our love of family. For the Metis people, it was a time for togetherness and celebration of family and friends.

Below is a short passage about Christmas, from 1936, as celebrated by the Metis people at Turtle Mountain, North Dakota:

"The old French and Indian spirit of Christmas begins at Christmas Eve with midnight mass. After the services are over we all begin to greet our friends. Then we hurry to get home to the little ones and do our part with Santa Clause."

"We are awakened in the morning very early, by the sounds of little bugles, trumpets, drums and all sorts of merrymaking toys. The little children with their mouths filled with candy and laughter make all happy and we wish the world a Merry Christmas!"

"When supper was over, individual jigging began. This is a special feature of our dances. The fiddler, with the fiddle casually against his ribs, struck up the Red River jig. One of the best jiggers chose his partner and began..."

SOURCE: "Indians at Work" United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States. Office of Indian Affairs 1936

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Hello, I love the story and the photo. If it comes from a book, I'd love to order a copy if it's available. Thanks so much! Patty.

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